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عقارات وشقق وفيلات وشاليهات للبيع كاش وبالتقسيط


WHY Ayeez?

Assurance when dealing with ICapital we assure you to sell or purchase your property with a fair price according to the local market which saves your efforts searching the market
Increased Visibility and Traffic When dealing with ICapital, you will increase the chances of seeing your ad thanks to the network of relationships between us and other real estate brokers, which helps to increase the base of buyers of your property , which turns to better and faster opportunities to sell your property.
Protection Any Real estate broker is obliged to respect the laws and rules in order to ensure his reputation in the real estate market. In ICapital we save no effort to protect our customers at all stages of any stipulation done through us. Dealing with ICapital ensures dealing with an experienced real estate broker and under the umbrella of protection which provides peace of mind to our customers.
Legal Documentation It is common practice that any selling or purchasing procedure is done by exchanging all the legal documentation related to the involved property.when dealing with ICapital we provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers through ensuring the existence and legitimacy of those documents
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